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Life's too short to wear ugly glasses

Glasses have become as much a fashion accessory as they are a necessity for people with visual problems. As a result, visiting your optometrist and having to choose a frame from the vast and often overwhelming selection available can be a daunting experience for many people. Apart from the concerns of whether a frame looks good on you or not, glasses are a costly item, and a new pair of glasses (for most of us) will have to last at least a year, so you will want to choose a frame that you won’t get tired of quickly.

Before looking at the frame selection, check with your optometrist the type of frame that will best accommodate the lenses you need.

Be aware of the shape of your face and the shape of frame that might suit you best. Think about your personal preferences – would you prefer a neutral frame or a fashionable shape and colour that makes a statement? Are the glasses to be worn for work or are they an additional pair to be worn for leisure activities?

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing a frame is, ironically, not being able to see how it looks on you without your glasses! Under these circumstances, it may not be enough to trust the opinion of another person; you may need to judge for yourself. Your optometrist may fit you with contact lenses so that you can see for yourself what you are trying on. Alternatively, you may have photographs taken wearing the different frames, and be able to compare and decide what you feel most comfortable with.


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