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New glasses, instand vision?

You have seen your optometrist, had a thorough eye examination, and collected your new glasses. Putting your new glasses on for the first time, you expect to be able to see perfectly clearly, but you may be disappointed. Your vision may be a little blurred or seem too sharp, your eyes may feel tired, and you may experience headaches. While some people may be able to see well and feel comfortable immediately, for many people there is a period of adjustment.Because we see with our brains, it often takes a while for the eyes and the brain to coordinate getting used to a new prescription.

The length of time for adjusting to your new glasses depends on whether you are wearing glasses for the first time, the strength of your prescription, or whether there has been a significant change in the prescription. You may have changed from a small frame to a larger frame, or vice versa, or even from contact lenses to glasses. All these factors can affect how quickly and easily you get used to your glasses.

Adjusting to bifocals or progressive lenses may take a little more time, particularly if you are wearing them for the first time. Bifocals will demand adjustment to the line in the lenses. Progressive lenses may alter your peripheral vision slightly, requiring some changes in your head and eye movements. In time you will become accustomed to these changes and they will feel more natural as you adjust to the new lenses.

Guidelines for adjustment

As tempting as it may be to wear your old glasses, alternating between your old and new glasses will make the adjustment period longer. Stop wearing your old glasses immediately.

Wear your new glasses throughout the day.

Wear your new glasses high on the bridge of your nose and as close to your face as possible.

If you are new to multifocals, practice turning your head (instead of just your eyes) toward the object you’re looking at. For nearer object, move your head vertically until the object glides into focus.


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